No Runtastic, I really, REALLY, REALL do not want to live track this run on Facebook.

Anyone? Do any of you do this?


Okay, maybe some of you are, well, fast, or, consistent, or, not ashamed of their running speeds… me… pfft… not quite my style.

I run in a ‘every run counts as a good run because you actually went for one’ kind of a style. Most days I even believe it!

I plan to run three times a week, but count it a victory if it is actually three times a month

(November going strong).

I walk sometimes. I run fast then slow. I have a good song, so I boogie.

I am freaking retardedly stressed so sometimes I have a minor emotional melt down.

I frequently clock in amazing 8 minute kms, with the occasional unicorn 6 min km.

All in all, NO runtastic, I do not want you live streaming this shit all over facebook! I will plod away in anonymity thank youuuuu


About adventuresunplugged

The world is a really cool place. I moved to Zurich almost three years ago to start my PhD, and have really enjoyed the different opportunites living close to the Swiss alps offered. This blog is about some of my adventures, climbing, mountaineering, rock climbing, traveling... life in general! Wow, haven't updated this bad boy in some time! While the above is still true I have gone on to finish the PhD, so that is Dr Unplugged to you. I also have landed a job in Switzerland and will be shortly moving to Geneva. Clearly I have some adventures ahead left to explore with you guys along for company!
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One Response to No Runtastic, I really, REALLY, REALL do not want to live track this run on Facebook.

  1. I’m right there with you, I find the only people in my friends list who post the times are those hitting the 6minute kms and below. I’m happy to saunter along at my own pace 🙂

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