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Negotiating is tough.

New jobs are exciting. New people, new routines, new places. New skills, new challenges, new adventures. Negotiating contracts on the other hand is not exciting. It makes my skin itch and my stomach sweat. I asked for more money, and … Continue reading

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Ants in my pants and crazy in my brain

So, I lost two weeks pay over a weird paperwork snaffu with my last company because I sprained my ankle. And, well, my ankle still looks like someone used it for a pinata. And, the new job offered me less … Continue reading

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Got a new job, don’t have to have ankle surgery….

This week is looking up! I will be moving into medical communications, away from any kind of technical in the lab type responsibilities, and I will be working much closer to Zurich. Good news! Salary is a bit less than … Continue reading

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