Foam Rolling and Self Massage for Climbers

Oh Em Gee what an amazing collection of information all in one place. I have been dealing with outside wrist and elbow pain for a couple of months, my physio was quite sure it was because of too tight shoulders, a complication of my unstable right leg that went all the way up to my shoulder then down to my fingers. He gave me some stuff for the foam roller and with the ball, but this is an EXCELLENT resource. I encourage climbers to read it and try it out! Some of those twinges and tweaks may melt away!


Want to recover faster after your training session?  Aside from a good meal after your workout, foam rolling is one of the best ways to enhance recovery.  It relaxes your muscles, which allows better blood circulation.  This helps the rebuilding process your body goes through after the breaking down process, the training session, is over.  If you look at elite athletes, they always have a massage therapist around.  Obviously they can afford this, but for the recreational athlete, we have to take matters into our own hands.


The tools I use are a foam roller and a lacrosse ball.  Keep in mind that you can use nearly anything though, such as a tennis ball or a rubber bouncy ball instead of the lacrosse ball.  When I’m out climbing I’ll sometimes use a tree trunk to massage my back, biceps, or forearms.  The idea is to massage away the tension that…

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