A “before” photo


I have a facebook friend, we studied together 5 years ago now and I like her but we haven’t had so much contact outside of facebook. She is now a pretty successful phtographer in the fashion industry and over the past few months has gone through a fitness revolution. I like to get motivation from my friends and she has definitely been working her butt off! Up to running 10km and lifting weights regularly, and her before and after photos are pretty inspiring.

So here is my “before training religiously but after almost 9 months of regular climbing” photo. I am really proud of my arms and shoulders, my forearms too but those are really just hard to the touch and not so showy yet. I had to get a new sports bra or too and not going to lie some of my tshirts have some sleeve issues. Bad ass climber chick. Stay tuned for updates on my killer gunsssssss


About adventuresunplugged

The world is a really cool place. I moved to Zurich almost three years ago to start my PhD, and have really enjoyed the different opportunites living close to the Swiss alps offered. This blog is about some of my adventures, climbing, mountaineering, rock climbing, traveling... life in general! Wow, haven't updated this bad boy in some time! While the above is still true I have gone on to finish the PhD, so that is Dr Unplugged to you. I also have landed a job in Switzerland and will be shortly moving to Geneva. Clearly I have some adventures ahead left to explore with you guys along for company!
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