Wanted: Better Gym Staff

It’s hard to find good guides, good instructors, good mentors but I think so far I have had good experiences with professionals who went above and beyond. I met some people who had very different experiences with the same company but different guides, and can only imagine how that would have changed my perceptions of the professional guiding industry and those people we pay so much to teach us how to be safe. I hope this represents the good in the industry and not just the bad!

Alpine Discourse, Disjointed

The sport of climbing is growing fast. That’s a good thing, in my opinion. More competitive youth are getting into training and finding another way to stay healthy and grow as people. More adults are joining in as well, finding a great social avenue besides sitting around drinking, but we all know that comes after. I always hope that this influx of new people can help the sport, more minds being devoted to it so new endeavors in style, limits, and gear may come about, and friendly competition results in more people climbing hard, keeping that ceiling of hardest this or that moving up.

However, we have seen more news about the negative aspect of the boom of the sports population, accidents. These were usually incidents that many of the more seasoned saw as careless, avoidable tragedies. These are occurring both inside the gyms and at the crags. We poured…

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The world is a really cool place. I moved to Zurich almost three years ago to start my PhD, and have really enjoyed the different opportunites living close to the Swiss alps offered. This blog is about some of my adventures, climbing, mountaineering, rock climbing, traveling... life in general! Wow, haven't updated this bad boy in some time! While the above is still true I have gone on to finish the PhD, so that is Dr Unplugged to you. I also have landed a job in Switzerland and will be shortly moving to Geneva. Clearly I have some adventures ahead left to explore with you guys along for company!
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