Muddling through some sort of middle ground.

I’m in the somewhat weird middle ground on a lot of things these days.

I’m approaching the end of my PhD, but i’m not yet ‘writing up’ weird middle ground.

It’s been 1 year and 3 months since my weird accident, ten months since hip surgery, and over a year in physio, but I still probably need knee surgery, in physio every week weird middle ground (not going to turn this blog into a rant about injuries!).

Weird half pseudo understandable in my third language, german, but so unmotivated to go further middle ground.

Half winter, some resorts open no outdoor climbing, hiking is awkward and snow covered, half fall, no places I could ski, only half of resorts open middle ground.

And most importantly, weird, climbing, everything is either way too easy, or way too hard middle ground.


So, I guess in a sense, I have too many middle grounds, and yet, climbing, I am searching for the elusive middle ground. Something challenging and exciting but possible, something enganging and enjoyable, but not something I zip up in two seconds. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bragging about my magical skills, we are talking about zipping up some whooping 4C (swiss ranking) here, but when I moved onto the 5C’s I came off everything. I mean everything. I almost kicked German boy in the face. I was pulling weird monkey moves when he kept swiping my feet off the holds (lessons learned about converting lead ropes into top ropes, and about how badass of a monkey girl I can be). I left after climbing saturday feeling both annoyed that I didn’t get enough of a session in, and that I was trying to climb over my head. Frustrating. I am taking it as a sign that I am acquriing skils, and in the middle of a transition. I mean, no one gets better every single session, that’s redic.

I have also started faux lead climbing. That’s what I am going to call it. It’s where you are REALLLLYYY on a top rope, BUT, are pretending you are lead climbing to get used to getting safe at each of the express’, to pulling up the rope, to clipping the G-damn thing in, to picturing what a fall would be like at each move. So far its mostly only provided entertaining moments of struggle for German Boy, but, I do think it is an essential step towards actually lead climbing.


And, as I have somehow committed a sizable fracion of my monthly income to a 2 day ice climbing course, focusing on lead ice climbing, I should probably have lead climbed an indoor rock gym wall before hand.


Weird, weird, middle ground times…


About adventuresunplugged

The world is a really cool place. I moved to Zurich almost three years ago to start my PhD, and have really enjoyed the different opportunites living close to the Swiss alps offered. This blog is about some of my adventures, climbing, mountaineering, rock climbing, traveling... life in general! Wow, haven't updated this bad boy in some time! While the above is still true I have gone on to finish the PhD, so that is Dr Unplugged to you. I also have landed a job in Switzerland and will be shortly moving to Geneva. Clearly I have some adventures ahead left to explore with you guys along for company!
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